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Mediadontics Shines in Head to Head Comparison

Earns top honors for database of dentists and specialists.

Mediadontics missed only one licensed dentist working for the federal government, one unlicensed dental school faculty member, and had no information for a deceased doctor. As expected, the State Board had some data for all of the licensed and previously licensed doctors in the sample but missed several practice addresses and had no information for dental faculty, military, and administrators without active licenses. The ADA, InfoUSA, and Acxiom had no data on 30%, 38% and 46% of the sample, respectively.

Mediadontics took overall honors because it handily beat the others in total count and accuracy. The California State Board of Dental Examiners' database was the runner up in total count but did not have sufficient information to accurately profile dentists or their practice locations. The ADA had more profiling information but came in far behind the two leaders on count because the organization failed to cover nearly one-third of the sample.

Mediadontics spokesperson, Dr. B.D. Howes, said he was not surprised that Mediadontics came out on top. "We're constantly hearing from our licensees that theyíre getting better results with our data." Dr. Howes also noted that more than 95% of Mediadontics' data licensees have brought repeat business and referrals. "Weíre focused on quality and that tends to attract a more discriminating clientele.  Our clients are very demanding but they reward us with their loyalty."

About Mediadontics

Mediadontics is a family owned business of dedicated professionals who have been serving the dental health industry for more than 20 years.  Since its inception, the company has proudly delivered custom and off-the-shelf data solutions relevant to the dental industry.

Mediadontics' suite of data products and services include credentialing, strategic planning, product development, information architecture, directory publishing, as well as data for advertising and direct mail.

Headquartered in Southern California, Mediadontics can be reached via the Internet at www.mediadontics.com or toll free by telephone at (626) 921-4227.

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